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Ionian Fleet: Our New Compass 7S

New Addition for our Ionian Fleet: Compass 7s We proudly welcome to our Ionian fleet the brand NEW 2022 Compass 7S!  7s is the first of a new Compass line of boats with an impressive new appearance that combines modern sporty looks with luxury and versatility. Length: 6.83 m Beam: 2.34 m Weight: 1000 kg […]

Sithonia: The best destination for holiday activities in Halkidiki

A mini holiday activity guide for one of the best-kept secret summer destinations in Halkidiki Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki, and for some, the best destination for holiday activities in Greece. For the locals is just a work of art in blue and green, that pretty much is undiscovered from tourists. It has […]

Paxos and Antipaxos: The Ultimate Travel Guide For The Hidden Ionian Gems

Paxos, Antipaxos, and Blue Caves: The hidden gems of the Ionian islands Hi, my name is Ksenia – I am a skipper at the company Explore the Outside. I’ve spent my entire summers touring the islands surrounding the Marbella Elix hotel in Karavostasi, Perdika. I have collected extensive knowledge about the region and want to […]

Athos: A mini travel guide to the easternmost peninsula of Halkidiki

Shaped like Poseidon’s trident, Halkidiki’s prongs jut out into the Aegean Sea. Lush green forests extend all the way to the beachfront where reflections of golden sunlight add sparkling hues to turquoise waters. There, the Athоs Peninsula is the еasternmοst leg of Halkidiкi and is essentially about one destination: the monasteries of Mount Athos, aka […]

Beach Guide in the area of Parga with a Boat Rental [Ionian Sea 2022]

Are you on the lookout for the ideal beach getaway with your boat rental, while on summer holiday somewhere in the area of Parga, Thesprotia, Greece?  This beach guide has it all, from Parga, and Sivota to Karavostasi beaches. All within a reachable distance with your boat rental. You’ve just discovered the majority of the […]

Early Bird Offer [March 2022]

The March 2022 Early Bird Offer is out now! Until 31/03/2022, book online any of our boat cruises or boat rental, at any of our three different locations, and get a 15% discount on the final price. THE EARLY BIRD OFFER IS OUT NOW!!  Book Now and get 15% off. The offer ends 31/03/2022! Valid […]

Thinking of renting a car? Why not renting a boat, instead?

You have just arrived to Greece or you are planning your next getaway to Greece? We hope you have already booked great accommodation – preferably by some sandy beach –  and you have made at least some planning ahead on where to go and what to see. An exquisite 5 star hotel in Parga Greece […]