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ZAR 53 Rib

ZAR 53 – Yamaha 115hp

This boat has revolutionised the concept of the rubber dinghies, in only 5.35 meters it withholds all the innovations introduced by “ZAR project”. Ideal for the family, that can enjoy wonderful autonomous nautical camping days (and nights); ZAR 53 is excellent for all purposes. 

Moreover, everything has been planned and built for maximum comfort. The hull is deep and long as much as the one of many bigger boats, it offers soft sailing on the waves, stable tacking and agility, all qualities that are unique in its category (and in the ones above). The line elegance and the practical design make ZAR 53 a unique rubber boat all over the world

Boat Name Boat Size Engine Size Max. Capacity
Zar 53 Rib 19 ft (5.35m) Yamaha 115hp – 4 Stroke engine 8 Persons

More Specifications & Features:

  • Overall length: 5.30m
  • Overall beam: 2.39m
  • Weight: 320 kg
  • Passengers: 8 persons
  • Overturning stainless steel roll-bar
  • Roll-bar installation with running lights, anchorage lights, horn and wiring
  • Auxiliary engine support
  • Prow sunbed extension with limber board and table legs
  • Sunroof 3 arch
  • Rear telescopic sun-cover for roll-bar