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Marinco 525 Fish & Fun - 30hp Rental Boat​

Marinco 525 Fish & Fun – Selva 30/60hp

Our Marinco 525 Fish & Fun boat, requires no license or experience to drive and is capable of accommodating up to 7 people! The boat has an overall  length of 5.25 meters, it is fitted with a powerful Selva 30-60hp 4 stroke engine, sundeck, and canopy. Everything you need to be the captain for a day and plan your own trip with the destinations that you’d love to visit in! This boat is a luxury to drive and of course we will show you everything you need to know to drive it, it’s easy!

More Specifications & Features:

  • Overall length (excl. engine): 5.28m
  • Overall beam: 2.18m
  • Weight: 435 kg
  • Passengers: 7 persons
  • Spacious sunbathing area
  • Table
  • Easy to handle
Boat Name Boat Size Engine Size Max. Capacity
Marinco 525 Fish & Fun 19 ft (5.28m)  Selva 30-60hp – 4 Stroke engine 7 Persons