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Olympic 30hp Rental Boat


Olympic 490 CC. The new model features two side boxes that act as additional seats and large storage spaces. Additionally, it is capable to accommodate a large and comfortable sun-bench for relaxation with the addition of the 5 pieces set cushions (optional equipment). At the same time, all advantages of the 490 series are here, such as unsinkable construction, modern design, high quality materials, self-bailing cockpit.


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You don’t need a motorboat driving license to rent this boat!  We offer a wide range of brand new motorboats ready for you to rent daily at the best prices!

Boat Name Boat Size Engine Size Max. Capacity Half-day  Full-day 
Olympic 17 FT MERCURY 30-40HP 5 Persons € 100 € 150


*Full day: 10:00 – 17:00

*Morning Half day: 09:00-13:00

*Evening Half Day: 14:00 – 18:00


To visit Diaporos, you can pick up your boat at 2 locations in Vourvourou. At Ekies Resort and at the centre of Vourvourou village.

  • Diaporos island is a small island with great beauty which is located just across Vourvourou. On the island extends a huge natural gulf of 700 meters length. Because of the shallow waters, the sea around the gulf remains always warm making the island a perfect destination for the winter swimmers. The Byzantine ruins at “Krifto” gulf reveal the long history of the island. Last but not least, the nature and the green pines that cover the whole island together with the crystal blue waters create a peaceful summer scenery.

To visit Ammouliani, you can pick up your boat at Eagles Palace resort where we are based.

  • Ammouliani is a small, yet astonishing island right across Mount Athos peninsula. Tradition is evident all throughout the island, with original folklore houses, trademark gastronomy and typical small gardens filled with astonishing natural goods. The very first settlers arrived back in the 1920’s, with roots from Minor Asia, bringing their cultural heritage with them. Isolated and magnificent beaches, vibrant food & entertainment options, and a mix of impressive vegetation & giant rocks make up for the ideal escape to the sole inhabited island of Halkidiki.
  • The Donkey Islands, also known as the Drenia Islands, are constituted of 6 beautiful small islands filled with incredible sandy beaches on a picturesque ‘’Greek summer’’ setting. Only one of them is inhabited. The Donkey Islands are an oasis of 6 spots of land placed upon the vast big blue of the world-renowned Greek seas. Their folklore name is attributed to the legend that locals used to bring their very old donkeys to the islands in order for the animals to die in a magnificent setting.

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Be your own captain! Rent now our brand new fleet!

We offer a wide range of brand new boats and several location from where you can hire them and start your trip.

You don’t need a motorboat driver’s license (applies for engines that are up to 30hp). Moreover, we offer boats up to 150 hp, for which motorboat license is necessary. Safety is our main concern that is why we make sure that you are fully briefed and confident for your trip driving the boat on your own.

We can always provide a captain for you!

Renting a boat is ideal for you who want to be your own captain and explore these magnificent waters and beaches in your own time. The peninsula is a heaven for exploration, welcoming guests to its astonishing coasts. Take charge and witness a genuine ‘’Greek Summer’’. Book yours now!



  • Two available locations to pick up your boat:
    1. Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki peninsula, North Greece
    2. Ouranoupoli, Mt. Athos, Halkidiki peninsula, North Greece


  • Sunshade available on board
  • Suitable for children
  • Map of the area
  • Written guidelines and tips on how to drive the motorboat
  • First Aid
  • Third party insurance
  • Port fees and charges
  • Emergency assistance