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The Compass 190 BR stands as the ultimate vessel for motorized watersport enthusiasts exploring the beauty of the Ionian Islands, specifically at Karavostasi beach, Greece. This 19-foot bow rider, built with meticulous craftsmanship in Greece, offers a family-friendly configuration with a spacious sun lounge and dedicated areas for a table, ensuring a perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Powered by a robust 150 horsepower Merc Pro XS engine, this boat guarantees efficiency and exhilaration, setting the stage for endless aquatic adventures. The sleek design, featuring self-draining decks, a sandwich hull, and stylish black fittings, reflects sophistication on the serene waters.

The Compass 190 BR goes beyond expectations with thoughtful details such as a sink, fresh water shower, and an adjustable bolstered bucket seat, adding a touch of European flair to the experience. Whether towing skiers with the wake tower or navigating with advanced technology like a nine-inch Simrad and Mercury vessel link, this vessel caters to both thrill-seekers and those seeking a smooth, comfortable ride. With a top speed of 75 km/h, fuel efficiency, and responsive acceleration, the Compass 190 BR invites you to explore the Ionian Islands, making every moment on board a celebration of excellence in boating.


Boat Size: 19 ft.
Boat Engine: Yamaha 200hp
Capacity: 6 people
Captain: Required