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A mini holiday activity guide for one of the best-kept secret summer destinations in Halkidiki

Sithonia is the second peninsula of Halkidiki, and for some, the best destination for holiday activities in Greece. For the locals is just a work of art in blue and green, that pretty much is undiscovered from tourists. It has the most exciting landscape and the most authentic feel from the three legs of Halkidiki. Basically, it is the perfect summer destination for everyone that prefers a more laid-back atmosphere and definitely a top family-friendly summer place.

Explore The Outside spot in Vourvourou

Vourvourou is a small village, located in the center of the Sithonia peninsula and can be described as Sithonia’s destination for the well-to-do. Without a proper village center, Vourvourou is more of a community of small family apartments and studios, many of which have a lush grassy strip of beachfront property. The area offers a unique combination of the sea with characteristics of a lake, a mountain covered with thick forests, and 9 unique islands, visible from the beach, making it the best destination for holiday activities.

Our Explore The Outside spot in Vourvourou is located at the beach in front of the beautiful and unique Ekies All Senses Resort, Vourvourou, Sithonia Halkidiki


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Explore The Outside Vourvourou offices

So, if you love to explore, discover new cultures, get active, or enjoy iconic wildlife, Sithonia and Vourvourou offer some of the best destinations for holiday activities in Greece. There is definitely an activity for you! Read the following guide to get a complete listing of the best summer activities in Vourvourou, Halkidiki!

Boat Rentals

You don’t need to own a boat to fully experience the turquoise waters of Vourvourou in Halkidiki. Whether you want to throw anchor by a secluded beach and enjoy the sun or cruise the coastal waterways to the most popular water spots, renting a boat is a perfect opportunity to explore the crystal blue waters around Diaporos island, the largest of the 9 islands which are located across the bay of Vourvourou.

Rent A Boat in Vourvourou, Halkidiki

Rent A Boat in Vourvourou, Halkidiki

There you can swim and snorkel on some of the most beautiful and remote beaches of Halkidiki, like KriftoMirsini & Galazia Nera. Note, that for motor boats with an engine up to 30hp, no operating license is required! All boats are equipped with all safety gear, GPS trackers, and life jackets and are fully insured according to Greek Port Police requirements.

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Boat Rental map of Diaporos island

Destinations – Best Beaches in the Area

Vourvourou coastline: a land of mysterious charm that enchants the visitor with its natural beauty, breathtaking views, and crystal clear blue waters! Get ready to reconnect with nature and discover one of the best boating destinations in Sithonia, Halkidiki offering unforgettable summer memories.

Blue Lagoon (“Galazia Nera”)

The Hidden Gem of Halkidiki: Blue Lagoon is something that is rarely seen and cannot be easily described in words. It is a small strait between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros, forming a shallow bay with a white sandy sea bottom that allows for a turquoise color to the water.

Myrsini Beach (“Hawaii”)

A small piece of Paradise! Located on the east side of Diaporos island, a well-protected beach, accessible only by boat! A small piece of paradise on earth, combining blue waters, white sand, and white rock formations! Myrsini Beach, also known as “Hawaii” is a must-see location.

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Diaporos Island has amazing beaches

Karidi Beach

An exotic beach with turquoise waters! Probably, one of Halkidiki’s most photogenic beaches! Karidi beach is a small diamond, an exotic beach with white sand, turquoise waters, white rocks and a grove of pines near the coast.

Peristeri Island

double beach with a Sea Lighthouse! The island of Peristeri is located in the bay of Vourvourou between the islands of Elia and Diaporos. The island has a double sandy beach and a sea lighthouse. A picturesque landscape, definitely worth visiting.

Lagonisi Beach

A beautiful small rocky peninsula! Lagonisi beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. The beach has very fine sand and sandy bottom, long and beautiful turquoise shallow water.

Kryfto Bay

A natural shelter for boats! Visit Kryfto Bay to get away from the main busy boat routes! Kryfto Bay is a huge natural bay over 700 meters long, which serves as a dock for boats when the sea becomes turbulent. The bay ends up in shallow waters, which are always warm!

Ormos Panagias

Ormos Panagias is a little harbor village on the east coast of Sithonia in Halkidiki, Greece. Ormos Panagias is a popular vacation spot because it is a very quiet place near the sea, with some amazing traditional fish tavernas!

Boat Cruises

With a guided Boat Cruise in Halkidiki, you offered an escape to paradise! Explore Diaporos, Ammouliani, and Drenia islands, with an unforgettable and worry-free holiday experience! The boats are luxurious, spacious, and ideal to have fun and safely explore the area, offering an everlasting memory of your vacation in this little corner of paradise!

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Diaporos Island Boat Cruise

With this boat trip, you will cruise around Diaporos island and discover the amazing crystal clear blue waters of Vourvourou bay. Because of its location, Diaporos has always had calm waters. In Diaporos, you will find Myrsini beach, or «Hawaii» as most people call it, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sithonia. With crystal clear blue water, white sand, small bays, and beautifully rounded rocks, Myrsini Beach is beyond all your expectations. Blue Lagoon is something that is really rarely seen and cannot be described in words. Vastness of the sea, like a huge swimming pool between the islands of Diaporos and Agios Isidoros with turquoise, sparkling, shallow water. The sea bottom is completely covered by rocks, and shells, and snorkeling is very interesting because of its rich marine world.

Diaporos Island Boat Cruise

Diaporos Island Boat Cruise

Ammouliani and Drenia Islands Boat Cruise

The only inhabited island of Halkidiki with just 600 permanent residents! This best-seller day cruise takes you to the astonishing island of Ammouliani, as well as to the Donkey islands (aka Drenia). Start your day swimming at remote beaches and small coves. Your captain will show you the best swimming spots around the islands. Make memories that will simply last forever.

Boat Cruise at the Monasteries of Mt. Athos

An unforgettable cruise to a World Heritage Monument! A sea journey that is being characterized as a life experience. If you are lucky, you might see dolphins on the way! Departing from Vourvourou in the Sithonia peninsula of Halkidiki, this day cruise takes you further south, to the Mount Athos Peninsula. A World Heritage Site and self-governed state in the Hellenic Republic, Athos is home to 20 Eastern Orthodox monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the patriarch of Constantinople. Moreover, this tour stops at Ammouliani and Drenia islands.

Sunset Cruise at Diaporos Island

Feel the magic of Vourvourou bay Sunset scenery. These guided sunset cruises at Diaporos island are truly majestic. Because of the close proximity of the many small islands in the area, the landscape and the skyscape are remarkably unique. The glow of the sunset through the islands and its light reflected on the sea is an unforgettable experience. Relax and enjoy. There is little boat traffic at this hour. So we get the water to ourselves.

Sunset time in Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Sunset time in Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki

Exploring Vourvourou by a Sea Kayak!

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of tourism, sport, fun, nature, and a touch of local culinary healthy experience, why not go sea kayaking in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Halkidiki? Settle into a comfortable kayak, get instructions, paddle behind an experienced guide, and completely immerse yourself in the amazing Vourvourou coastline. Beautiful scenery, various unique and secluded sites, and locations with crystal turquoise waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling is what you should expect!

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Sea Kayaking Diaporos Island

Sea Kayaking Diaporos Island