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Are you on the lookout for the ideal beach getaway with your boat rental, while on summer holiday somewhere in the area of Parga, Thesprotia, Greece?

This beach guide has it all, from Parga, and Sivota to Karavostasi beaches. All within a reachable distance with your boat rental. You’ve just discovered the majority of the most stunning beaches to explore this summertime, since the areas close to Parga, Sivota and Perdika have more than 10 beaches, amongst them some of the most famous and beautiful of Thesprotia!

ExploreBoatTrips Boat Rental map

ExploreBoatTrips Boat Rental map

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On the Ionian shore, Perdika has 10 beaches amongst them some of the most famous and beautiful of Thesprotia! All in a short distance from the village and each one of them special! Choose Perdika for your summer vacations and be astonished by the gorgeousness of the Thesprotian seashore! Have great holidays in nature, where mountains and sea fuse!

Staurolimenas beach, Thesprotia Greece

Staurolimenas beach, Thesprotia Greece

Karavostasi beach

Karavostasi beach is situated in the settlement of Perdika. By old route, it’s just 13 kilometers from Sivota and 16 kilometers from Parga, and 22 kilometers by the new road. The beach is approximately 700 meters long and 70 meters broad. Because it is sandy and faces west, you will be able to see a spectacular sunset from this beach. Here you will find also our Explore The Outside spot, where you can rent a boat or book a magnificent boat cruise.

Arillas beach

Arrilas beach is located 5 km from Perdika. The beach has fine sticky sand while the waters are crystal clear and of shallow depth for several meters from the shore, making the beach ideal for children but also for those who do not have much comfort in swimming.

Agia Paraskevi beach

Agia Paraskevi beach is about 9 km from Perdika on the road to Sivota . It is probably the most stunning beach of Thesprotia, as its turquoise waters combined with the island in the center of the shore, as well as the chapel of Agia Paraskevi, create a vague and typical Greek scenery. The beach has fine sand and pebbles and it is organized.

Explore the Ionian Coast

The Ionian Coast is a must-see for anybody visiting the region. Rediscover the beach near Marbella Elix by taking a classic boat. Swim in the blue water, discover little coves and stroll across the Ionian coastline’s lush greenery. On a two-hour getaway, you can go hiking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Parga Beaches

The long and gorgeous coastline of Parga, Greece, is lined with several beaches, bays, and tiny islands. The beachfront in Parga is ideal for family vacations since they feature crystal clear water, lush surroundings, and several watersports establishments. A visit to the magnificent Venetian castle perched on a ridge overlooking the town is necessary.

Parga city from above

Parga city from above

Parga city beach – Krioneri

The beach at Parga is wide and sand-covered. It offers several tourist attractions, and the little island in front of it provides a relaxing atmosphere. Krioneri Beach is located in the center of Parga, from where the main promenade starts with a large number of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Piso Krioneri beach

Piso Krioneri Beach is located also near the center of Parga, and it literally means the beach behind the main city beach of Krioneri. They are only 100m from each other and separated by a large rock.

Valtos Beach

This beach is ideally accessed by a boat since walking there can be a bit tiring. The beach is a large, sandy beach that is surrounded by lush flora. You can also book a private boat cruise to Parga, to enjoy this experience to the maximum!

Sarakiniko beach

This beach is perhaps the most beautiful beach in the vicinity of the Parga. It can be accessed with your boat rental and is tucked in the hills and greenery, while the waters there are always calm, clear, and transparent.

Sivota Beaches

Sivota is a small, picturesque town with everything you might want for a relaxing vacation. Staying in Sivota, allows you also to visit several of the area’s beautiful beaches. The area is teeming with stunning beaches and secluded coves, where the startling blue of the Ionian meets the thick foliage ashore, like a fjord enveloped by the sea, here between verdant islets of Mavro Oros, Ayios Nikolaos, and Bella Vraka.

Amazing waters in Sivota

Amazing waters in Sivota

Bella Vraka beach

This is the most famous beach in Sivota because it’s located on the island and can be reached on foot through the sandbar and the water above your knees. Don’t go by car to this beach, because there is no parking space and turning around is also a problem. The beach is more attractive to look at, than for all-day or multi-day enjoyment. So, rent a boat, be a captain of the day and enjoy this!

The beach of Karvouno

The beach of Karvouno is located in front of the well-known beach of Bella Vraka. It’s around 600 meters from the harbor and can be reached on foot, although it’s an uphill hike. The beach is tiny and used to be rocky, but it is now filled with sand and pebbles.

Mega Ammos

Mega Ammos is a well-organized beach located 2 kilometers from Sivota’s town. Many visitors from Sivota walk there, although it is also accessible by car.


If you want to have the best summertime after almost two years of the pandemic, you should probably go to these beach areas and consider taking a boat for rent. Because why not? Enjoy the summer vacations with your family and friends with the best beaches.